Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nice, but on the other hand...

A nice statement of support of the Obama Adminstration from Simon Peres...until you get the details of what that support may entail.
Peres invoked the memory of Nazi Germany's efforts to exterminate European Jews, and warned that in a new age "the danger is today concentrated in Iran," whose leaders "bring darkness to a world longing for light." "They are trying to build a nuclear bomb," he said. "It is our responsibility to our own people, to our friends throughout the world, to posterity, that the Iranian threat must be stopped, and it cannot be delayed."
Holocaust analogies are not the analogies you use to avoid war.


Montag said...

Oh, I think Peres and particularly Bibi baby think they own the copyright to the word "holocaust."

And, never letting anyone forget for a moment is a wonderfully deceitful way of distracting from certain unassailable facts that reflect poorly on a succession of Israeli right-wing governments.

But, the way things are going in Israel, the right wing there will have destroyed Jewish culture, society and their country long before anyone else even contemplates the need to do so.

Anonymous said...

"They are trying to build a nuclear bomb," he said.

Funny, he never mentioned Israel's estimated 500 never-officially-acknowledged nuclear bombs, the worst-kept secret in the Middle East.