Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh the glories of feudalism

In summary, Bobo thinks the proles do not know their place.
Or simply:


Montag said...

I don't think ol' Bobo has ever written honestly on the subject of elitism, because he simultaneously won't admit that he thinks he's part of the ruling class and won't admit that most of the people he considers his peers, are just as mindlessly greedy and deceptive as he is.

pansypoo said...

it's astounding how many sheeple agree to play the elite's rules to their domination and willing to fight for the scraps.

Southern Beale said...

Judging by the reaction to this piece, I'm wondering if it was written as click-bait? But the NYT has a firewall so that makes no sense.

I just can't believe there wasn't an editor or someone to say, "Buddy, you don't want to run with this one." This, on top of Sally Quinn's bizarre piece in the WaPo, makes me wonder what's been slipped into the Villagers' scotch supply.

Montag said...

"... makes me wonder what's been slipped into the Villagers' scotch supply."

Oh, for the most part, they're naturally delusional, especially when the subject is themselves.

Self-awareness just is not a part of the inside-the-Beltway skill set.

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Anonymous said...

Doris up there makes more sense than Bobo ever has.