Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Better give 'em more taxpayer dollars

Big bank bound and determined to foreclose on wheelchair-bound cancer patient...not run by guy named Potter.

For several years, Sloan's bank has been trying to kick Ana Casas Wilson, a wheelchair-bound homeowner, out of her modest home. Wilson, a court interpreter, lives with her husband (a school janitor), her mother (a retired factory worker who now works as a home health aide), and her 17 year old son in the gritty working class city of South Gate, only 10 miles away - but worlds apart - from tony San Marino. The family has lived in their tiny 949 square foot house since 1975 which, thanks to plummeting housing prices brought about by the Wall Street mortgage collapse, is now worth no more than $175,000. 

In 2009, Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She also suffers from cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Her husband James quit his night job as a security guard - and reduced his income - to tend to her. While Wilson was in the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy, the family fell behind on its mortgage payments and the bank started to foreclosure on their property. 

Once the family's financial situation stabilized, they sought to resume making payments and asked Wells Fargo to renegotiate their mortgage. But the bank refused to accept the Wilsons' checks and pursued legal proceedings to foreclose on the house and evict the family from their home.


jimmiraybob said...

Once they crossed the Ryan/Romney maker to taker line they no longer had a say. No one's entitled to housing, food and medical care. Ask Mitt....or see the video on YouTube. It's a privilege that has to be either earned or inherited. Or some combination, thereof.

Oh sure. Our Constitution, written a long long time ago, says something about life, liberty and blah blah, but Ayn Rand's vision, the one that shaped Ryan's moral clarity and set him free (and killed the little baby Jesus), is what's important now.

And Mitt, an Angel sent by the God Abglore from the galactic system Mormonida bathed by the glorious light of the star Kolob* to replace the little baby Jesus, together with the power of special underwear and dietary habits, will bring his blessings and grace to America if we just have faith and submit to his will. No questions please.

Paid for by the Wells Fargo Committee to elect Ryan/Romney 2012

*or something like that

Montag said...

Ain't unfettered capitalism grand?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Glenn Beck isn't cheering Wells Fargo on...then again, maybe he is from whatever hole in the ground he's broadcasting from...

Anonymous said...

You may recall that Wells Fargo was the bank that sent its agents to "secure" a home a couple of months ago. The agents removed all of the possessions and somehow none of them were recoverable, including keepsakes, photos, etc. Thing was, Wells Fargo had the wrong house. There was no mortgage on the place. The banks response: "Ooops, we're sorry."