Thursday, October 04, 2012

Knife work

Obama has a lot of strengths as a candidate, but he's never been very good -- in fact he's downright bad -- at sticking a verbal dagger in an opponent. That is the skill most partisans truly enjoy.

It was a skill in which Bill Clinton was particularly adept.

If ol' Bubba and his flaying knife were up there last night by the time it ended he'd have skinned Romney until he had a new jacket and ass-less chaps to wear around the White House until the safe-word was uttered.


Athenawise said...

But unfortunately, Atta, the Big Dawg wasn't. And, stupid people love a loudmouth, even if he lies through his teeth.

I don't place much stock in the debates, but I'm not underestimating the GOP's ability to leverage the hell out of last night's event -- and the two others, if Obama continues to be unengaged.

Carville said it: Obama came for a conversation, Romney brought a chainsaw.

pansypoo said...

obama connected w/ the people more tho, i bet.