Friday, October 05, 2012

Not so mysterious ways

Say the Archbishop and rabid-anti-gay cleric of San Francisco has a bit of a drinking problem:

Salvatore Cordileone was arrested for a DUI a little over a month ago, that was just God's way of putting him in his place.

Using the clear and prescient logic of Pat Robertson this is a clear sign that God favors gay marriage.


Montag said...

But, but, but, but... isn't it Satan that guides the hand to the bottle?

Well, fundies, which supernatural being is responsible? Make up yer minds.

pansypoo said...

still better than a 'fucking the altar boy' charge.

centerfielddj said...

Holy shit, there are many people who lose their jobs if they are caught in a DUI. This asshole gets promoted to a tip-top spot.

I feel sorry for the men who lead the Catholic Church. They're guaranteeing that their flock will shrink. Unfortunately, many of their pathetic actions hurt lots of people.