Sunday, October 07, 2012

The narrative is so predictable

 I do not do much prognostication on this blog -- because I'm not qualified...therefore the only difference between myself and most pundits is self-restraint -- but I'll predict this.

The same thing occurred in 1984 -- OMG the President looks disinterested -- media panic (voters only mild) in aftermath of first debate.

Second debate comes, Obama like Reagan will be better and ironically the guy who is almost certainly going to be reelected, who is probably only going to be behind on Rasmussen for any period, is going to be styled the 'comeback kid' (coming back from what, a smaller lead?)

It is going to happen, you might as well write your tweets and blog posts now.


Anonymous said...

Rmoney is a supremely arrogant narcissist. All this talk about how awesome his debate performance was is going to feed his arrogance and set him up for big, stupid self-inflicted screwups.

pansypoo said...

no way rmoney is not gonna fuckup. plus, why is the right happy after he denied being what demands he be?