Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bribe 'em high

Oh Silvio Berlosconi, how are you not already in jail...let alone so close to a comeback?

Italian voters on Wednesday began receiving the first letters in a gigantic mail shot ordered by Silvio Berlusconi, promising to pay them back billions of euros in tax.

The former prime minister's initiative, which drew accusations of foul play and even criminal wrongdoing from adversaries, appeared to be a final attempt to win over undecided voters before Italy's general election on Sunday and Monday. The last opinion polls to be published before a ban took effect on 9 February showed the media tycoon-turned-conservative leader trailing the centre-left by between five and six percentage points.


Montag said...

Italy, especially when it comes to youth unemployment, is in almost as dire shape as Spain, and again it's due to spending money they didn't have to bail out banks, and living with the consequences of bank-promoted interest swaps. They're in the midst of Eurozone austerity measures, no one trusts the government there, and Berlusconi is promising billions in tax rebates.

That takes some balls. It's like Berlusconi is saying to anyone voting for him, "hey, thank the Virgin for the stupid ones!"

pansypoo said...

owning the media has its perks.