Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ye Olde Freak Show

The humorous thing about CPAC is that there is no new blood.  It's just the same crazies year after year, becoming ever less relevant and saying more desperately sad shit to stay in the news.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will speak at next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“We are pleased to again welcome Governor Sarah Palin to CPAC in March,” American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Al Cardenas said in a statement. “Governor Palin electrified the crowd in 2012 and we are thrilled to welcome her back this year.”

And she's just the opening act for the headliner, Ann Coulter eating a sandwich before purging.


Montag said...

Well, they've had no new ideas for a long, long time. And, even if there were new blood, the ideas would be unchanged. It would just be new faces mechanically cranking out the same old song, a dirge for the Animatronic Ronnie Raygun.

But, nevertheless, the networks will all have a story on it, as if it were news. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

The Theologian is an owl, sitting on an old dead branch in the tree of human knowledge, and hooting the same old hoots that have been hooted for hundreds and thousands of years, but he has never given a hoot for progress.
-- Emmet F. Fields

Athenawise said...

" ... Ann Coulter eating a sandwich before purging."

In the interest of accuracy, shouldn't it be "eating a bag of oats before purging"?

Anonymous said...

So what about more tax cuts for the rich, slashing aid for the poor and elderly, and bloating the Pentagon even further does not appeal?

The Repiglickin's have a great bench. Boehner is a drunk. Palin cannot read. Joe Walsh and Paul Broun are insane. Cantor and Ryan are what stupid people think smart people sound like. But they are both really really stupid. Rubio is an empty suit. We thought W was an empty suit, but closer examination revealed a cheap suit filled with turds. Cheney is a Dr Strangelove insane sadist. Limbaugh is a drug addicted sadist pedophile. Hannity is a nut who had his nuts chopped off. Jan Brewer never graduated from grade school and is a part time leather scarecrow. Mitch McConnell was a depression era uneducated grandmother until sex reassignment surgery. Scott Walker's only job was milking cows until he became a male prostitute.

A veritable stable of stars!

Harry R. Sohl said...

CPAC- the New Black Panthers of the rightwing with the same fearsome foursome showing up time and again...

pansypoo said...



evidence be damned.

daver said...

If you're gonna split the infinitive anyway, why not go full Palin? The correct usage is:

“We are pleased to also too again welcome Governor Sarah Palin to CPAC in March.”