Thursday, February 21, 2013

We are not the only fucked up place on Earth

By any means.

 The Investigating Officer In the Oscar Pistorius Case Faces 7 Counts of Attempted Murder



jimmiraybob said...

...opened fire on a minibus full of passengers while drunk.

Bravo! Who knows who and what kind of depravity was on that bus - murderers? gang members? drug lords, hostile invaders from space, liberals?. The shooters may have been drunk but they were probably terrified by the unknown but deeply feared imminent threat and obviously not afraid to stand their ground to defend themselves against that unknown.

Pre-emptive self defense in the defense of personal liberty is no vice. At least we here in America have the God-given right* to defend ourselves.

Even if the passengers were innocent bystanders they should all have been packing their own small arsenal to defend themselves. Absolute negligence on their part.

And also too, Joe Biden.

*the Lord hisself wrote it right there in the Constitution

/switching off NRA-TeaPublican wingnutia insane switch and returning to real world

jimmiraybob said...

/switching on NRA-TeaPublican wingnutia insane switch

And, of course, with respect to the bouncing Pistorius, the first rule of gun club is to shoot the shit out of threats in order to make it safe to move in and identify the threat. Thus, when you hear something stirring in the bathroom you unload a clip from the Glock - and, if handy, one or two clips from the AR-15 - through the door before calling out, "honey, is that you?" Basic self defense.

/switching off NRA-TeaPublican wingnutia insane switch and returning to real world

pansypoo said...

OJ OJ OJ OJ jazz hands galore.