Sunday, February 10, 2013

She should be able to see oblivion from her porch by now

So long.
Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat in Republican-leaning Alaska, is sure to be targeted by Republicans in 2014, his seat a “must” pickup if the GOP hopes to retake control of Congress’ upper chamber. But Begich is showing surprising strength and popularity, according to a new survey of the 49th State by Public Policy Polling. He has a 49 percent job approval rating, with only 39 percent disapproving of the job he’s doing. And Begich leads a bevy of likely Republican challengers. He has a big, big lead — 54-38 percent — over former Gov. and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Palin was recently jettisoned from her pundit’s position by the Fox News Channel. She quit as governor in mid-term to make money. Palin does have financial resources, but her days of 80 percent popularity ratings are long gone. “Palin’s numbers are a reflection of her continuing to be very unpopular on the home front — 34 percent of voters see her positively to 59 percent with a negative opinion,” the pollster reported.


Marcellina said...

Thank you for that title, I needed something to make me smile!

pansypoo said...

the benefits of sunlight + opening her pie hole.

Athenawise said...

Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton have much in common. Both were shallow and without talent in their respective fields. Both made a lot of money while their huge popularity lasted -- coincidentally, about the same number of years for each. And, once that popularity waned, both went quickly into obscurity.

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