Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bumfights for America

Karl Rove's $300 million sinkhole, American Crossroads, announced it planned to spend 2014 electing the kind of allegedly less crazy Republicans that focus on starting new wars and setting up global torture programs (as opposed to bi-partisan extrajudicial drone-killings). Well the Ayn Randian wing of the GOP is not going to take this, they are going to "putsch-back".
So now the Child Support Recovery Unit of Illinois knows where they can issue a levy for past-due amounts in the next few months.

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StonyPillow said...

SarahPAC has over $1 million in the bank. It’s sole purpose? Payin’ Palin to triple that money. Great gig if you can get it. What’s Caribou Barbie got that Joe ain’t got?

And Steve King’s leading the pack in Iowa. Gonna be another bumper crop of the crazy in 2014.