Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, I'm sure FoxNews can build a show around him

As he's now available for employment -- Joe Rickey Hundley -- is probably already a loyal viewer, and now he has time to watch even more FoxNews  -- perhaps soon in jail:

[The boy's mother Jessica] Bennett, 33, told authorities her son was crying as the Delta Air Lines flight prepared for landing. Hundley, 60, was sitting next to her and slapped the boy in his face, causing a scratch under his right eye, she said.

Hundley "told her to shut that (N-word) baby up," FBI special agent Daron Cheney said in a sworn statement. "Ms. Bennett received assistance from several people on the plane."

What a guy, huh?


Anonymous said...

Another story had Joe Rickey's home as Hayden, Idaho. That caught the eye of a reader who made a comment and I went surfing, and whatdayaknow...!

"Hayden Lake, Idaho ­ an otherwise peaceful community ­ was long considered by many white supremacists to be the "international headquarters of the White race," as (founder Richard) Butler dubbed it. To aid in recruitment efforts, build support and strengthen alliances among a range of right-wing extremist groups, Aryan Nations hosted white supremacist summer "festivals," known as the World Congress of Aryan Nations, at its 20-acre northern Idaho compound. ...providing an atmosphere of rugged, unspoiled outdoors commensurate with the survivalist and separatist sensibilities...."

And now it all fits!

pansypoo said...

maybe age descrimination, but think they were looking for an excuse to can him.