Sunday, February 24, 2013

So anything happening this weekend?

I know if the Sequester happens it is partly my fault because I've spent the weekend "Game of Thrones(ing)".

So blame me Khaleesi.


StonyPillow said...

Everyone on the left was wondering why Obama wanted to negotiate with Republican arsonists who wanted to burn our economy down in 2011.

More than a year later, the president's finally figured it out. He refused to negotiate on the deby limit, and the arsonists backed down.

Guess what -- we were right again.

carolyn Annafiglia is a nice old lady said...

no one can blame you sweetling. The thrones won't wait.

pansypoo said...

at least we will have CIRCUSES if not bread.

Aaron said...

The Republicans are bastards Kahleesi.
It is known.