Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Well, he doesn't have a glass jaw that's for sure

Human and Chelonii hybrid Mitch McConnell has narrowly survived many a bruising election campaign. But despite all of his anti-legislative skills his political career is in trouble.
A recent survey from Democratic firm Public Policy Polling revealed him to be the least popular senator in the nation
Ashley Judd is mentioned as a possible candidate for the Democrats in 2014, but one would think their will be a long-line of potential candidates for a seat that is so clearly competitive.
Oh, and of course, if there's one group even less popular than McConnell it is this.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could see a primary challenge from local businessman Matt Bevin, who sources say is reaching out to Tea Party groups in the state to gauge support for a 2014 Senate run.
Bevin is quite loaded too as he became rich the old fashioned way -- he inherited it.   If he can just avoid discussing wacky theories on the power of lady parts until after the primary, he may be quite a threat to McConnell.

So don't look for Ol' Mitch to be less of a right-wing jackass in the near future. He may soon out whine Lindsey Graham.

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StonyPillow said...

“What do snapping turtles eat, paw?”

“Well son, iffen they can’t chomp on you, they’ll chomp on each other.”

2014 is 1998.

pansypoo said...

who'd have thought the teabags would have such a hangover.

Jesus California said...

One should not mistake NATIONAL un-popularity with political weakness, in the case of some of the senators of Republican hard core states. They probably love him still, even more, now that the "lame-stream media" have exposed him for the hollow tool he is. Has anyone ever done a survey on which states are most renowned for their pathetic choices for U.S. Senate? I submit Kentucky as a strong nominee for the top spot, but Ok. and So. Carolina votes would be understandable also,too.