Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well, this is awful

So much for that feel good story.

Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was taken into custody and was expected to appear in court Thursday after his girlfriend was shot dead at his home in South Africa's capital, Pretoria.

Police Lt. Col. Katlego Mogale told The Associated Press officers received a call in the early hours of the morning that there had been a shooting at the double-amputee runner's home in a gated housing complex.

Mogale said when police arrived they found paramedics trying to revive the woman, who had been shot an unspecified number of times. Mogale, who was speaking to the AP from the scene, said the woman died at the house.
There are some reports that this may have been an accident (that Pistorius mistook his girlfriend for an intruder -- making it the kind of murder Wayne LaPierre can only wish happened in this country -- yes, tasteless, just like everything following or preceding the words that come from Wayne LaPierre).

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pansypoo said...

well, he was a bit too pretty. i sort of got asshole vibes.