Thursday, February 28, 2013

In which the "power of google" demonstrates someone is quite the piece of shit

Oh looky here -- I forgot about this kiss-assery of the past.

November 16, 2005:

Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward testified under oath Monday in the CIA leak case that a senior administration official told him about CIA operative Valerie Plame and her position at the agency nearly a month before her identity was disclosed. 

In a more than two-hour deposition, Woodward told Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald that the official casually told him in mid-June 2003 that Plame worked as a CIA analyst on weapons of mass destruction, and that he did not believe the information to be classified or sensitive, according to a statement Woodward released yesterday.

And -- of course:

It would also make Woodward, who has been publicly critical of the investigation, the first reporter known to have learned about Plame from a government source. 

Because it might threaten Woodward's precious black-mail like access he's maintained like a ramora to succeeding Administrations for the last 40 years.

And now he's making up non-existent threats.




But hey, don't credit me, credit 15 seconds on "Google", something no one in the beltway who is paid to "commit journalism" seems capable of doing.

And now JEEBUS, even Tucker Carlson's vanity project "The Daily Caller" is calling out Woodward as a gigantic douche.

But today, things look different. P0litico has posted the exclusive email from Gene Sperling to Woodward. It begins, “I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today.”
(Frightening, I know!)

Sperling’s email eventually does say, “I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out that claim.” But this is clearly not a veiled threat of retaliation, but rather a warning that the reporter was about to get the story wrong.

When Woodward tells of being warned he would “regret” challenging Obama, it sounds ominous. But if Politico’s reporting today is correct, it seems much more innocuous than that.

Looks like we were played.

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pansypoo said...

follow the money. he has joined the borg. i said he was an idiot to my ilinformed dental hygenist today. obviously a fux gnews watcher.