Thursday, February 28, 2013

Der Popenfaust

I have no idea whether the soon to be ex-Pope is gay or not.   I'd add I don't care, but obviously I must care enough to comment on this from the blogosphere's most melodramatic person.

So Benedict’s handsome male companion will continue to live with him, while working for the other Pope during the day. Are we supposed to think that’s, well, a normal arrangement? I wrote a while back about Gänswein’s intense relationship with Ratzinger, while noting Colm Toibin’s review of Angelo Quattrochi’s exploration of Benedict, “Is The Pope Gay?”.

I'm pretty sure just getting to live in the Vatican...let alone getting to retire there; keep everything but your ring and red shoes; all while avoiding any criminal conspiracy charges is ALL outside a normal arrangement.

And that's just before we get to the lifestyle priests are SUPPOSED to maintain to begin with -- which is violated so frequently because it is not at all normal.

All the above doesn't make a person gay or straight.   Just different, very different.

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pansypoo said...

even the pope is a cafeteria catholic?