Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How can I explain this in a way he'll understand?


 “Is it the government’s submission that citizens in the South are more racist than citizens not in the South?” Roberts asked.

My suggested response would be...

"You bet your Cracker-Ass they are, Mr. Chief Justice."

 The worlds "Slavery"; "Jim Crow"; "Miscegenation Laws" mean anything to you?


merlallen said...

I have met more racists in Seattle than I ever did in Leesville, La. People assume by my accent that they can tell me racists jokes or anything else. And I heard a lot.
Don't assume that Yankees are color blind.

merlallen said...

The state governments are more racist though. Mississippi is a fucking cesspool, I've lived there, too.

DrDick said...

I am not sure that the South today is significantly more racist than the country as a whole (especially in rural areas), though voting patterns, party affiliation, and some other evidence suggests that they may be. Even if they are not, however, it is not cause to overturn that provision, but rather to expand it to the whole country.

DanF said...

I wouldn't have a problem if the law applied to the whole damn country. All efforts to screw with peoples voting rights deserves intense scrutiny.

pansypoo said...

is the court gonna side w/ today or w/ the KKK. we know where the triplets of the rite w/ be.

Anonymous said...

MN has one of the highest turnouts and best system for elections. yet still in some areas like in st cloud you get the ultra right doing what they always do. it's time for federal election law to be enacted and be solidly fair across the board.

do i see this happening?


if only!