Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fair and balancing us into the abyss

Chuck Todd, ugh.

Elizabeth Warren's first chance to ask questions as a member of the Senate Banking Committee and to take some of these SEC chairs to task for not prosecuting anyone on Wall Street for their behavior, apparently hurt some of the bankers' feelings. MSNBC's Chuck Todd used the occasion to play the Villagers' favorite false equivalency game and compare wingnut McCarthyite Sen. Ted Cruz to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Funny, how he sounds an awful lot like that anonymous Wall Street executive who was complaining about her.

And as Susie also pointed out, Warren telling the truth is not the same as Cruz' sorry display. What's really pathetic about Todd and and his cheap shot at Warren here is that even his colleague Chris Matthews went after Cruz and his attacks on Hagel for being the "new McCarthyism" in one of his segments on Hardball this Friday.


Anonymous said...

Media corporation tool is upset that senator was not deferential to corporations that buy lots of advertising from his media corporation. What a good little company man.

pansypoo said...

how dare she question the masters of the universe!

they are so fragile.

StonyPillow said...

With the current setup, Wall Street banks have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to steal as much as possible. Reap billions from the muppets, pay a tithe in fines, no one goes to jail or even gets kicked off the gravy train. Everyone's happy (except the muppets without eyeballs). And it couldn't happen without those bozo regulators who make it all possible by slapping a coat of quick dry legitimacy on the scam.

Ms. Warren was genteel and polite.

Montag said...

Chuck E. Cheesy is not a reporter. He's a hambone with a press pass.