Monday, September 27, 2004

Ah, the Weekend

A time for most of the country to relax, except Florida.

Just like every November is a time for Americans to have their votes count, except Florida.

"But now for the really important question Mr. President. How much more handsome and intelligent am I than Al Franken?"

"I simply must implore the American people to somehow sift my words and come to the conclusion that yes, we have completely screwed up Iraq and that most all of the reasons for being in Iraq were in error, but still, the President deserves reelection. Oh, and have you seen my balls? They were about this big."

Oh man, stop it, just stop these photo ops.

The American Flag gets ready to give Chimpy the hook.

Uff-daaaaarrrrgh!. Jesse Ventura, pirate.

Back in the days when they got along, when Dubya could feel he could lean over and ask, "So Tony, you gonna have that peppermint candy? Me loves the peppermint candy."

John Kerry is a victim of the AP's exclusive "croch cam".

"What can I say? My boss is a dumbass."

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