Friday, September 24, 2004

Miscellaneous LIfeform Blogging Friday

The former miscellaneous lifeforms we have saluted have been somewhat apolitical. I'm sure if the majority of the world's animals had a vote, that the overwhelming variety of species would vote for Kerry. However, variety will not matter much, when the world's flies, roaches, viruses and other pests vote overwhelmingly for Bush/Cheney -- even though their sworn enemy, Tom DeLay, also supports that ticket.

But today's lifeform does take a poltical tack. Today we salute the world's largest rodent.

I'm sorry, I was speaking literally, not figuratively, besides...

This guy is bigger.


Today, we salute the Capybara, the spaniel-sized denizen of the amazonian swamps and the animal we only wish Thomas Nast would have known about.

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