Thursday, September 23, 2004

Is Bush's drinking getting the best of him?

Recent statements from Bush seem to be quite erratic of late. What is going on with W?

Here's an example from MSNBC, Bush also said his top commander in Iraq has not asked for more troops but if he did, "I'd listen to him."

Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. troops in the Middle East, said Wednesday it was possible that more U.S. troops would be needed to secure Iraq's elections, but that Iraqi and perhaps international troops may be able to do the job instead.

"I think we will need more troops than we currently have," Abizaid said.

I no longer think that Bush is an idiot who constantly lies, I am beginning to believe that he is a drunk. That would explain a great deal of his erratic behavior, his lack of concern with consequences, all of his detached expressions, and reckless and careless misuse of facts.

Why is Bush always getting that little smirk on his face? Such as today when he said that I've seen polls that say the right track/wrong track numbers of Iraq are better than they are here in america. Does he have some secret that he is not sharing with the rest of us -- that the little nip of alcohol makes the world seem a little "off," a little funny.

If indeed he is drinking, he should get the help he needs so that we all can fix the problems in this country.

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