Thursday, September 30, 2004

Juan Cole, showing the Tectonic Plates

Some time ago, uber Josh Marshall said he was working on the tectonic plates story, which eventually sort of came out in what should have been a big story, but in the world of the SCLM the story faded away under the sheer weight of hurricanes and superscript typewriters.

It involves forged documents from Niger and their use in arguing for the incursion into Iraq (in another irony the story 60 Minutes spiked to produce the Killian memos) and the investigation of high ranking Bush Administration employees just below Wolfowitz and/or Cheney and their passing on information to AIPAC, an Israeli lobbying group which naturally and hardly unexpectedly has ties to the Israeli government proper.

Later, as yet another hurricane came ashore, pressure was brought to bear to delay the story and prosecution of the individuals investigated, the prime name being Larry Franklin and/or John Hannah.

Well, this morning Juan Cole picks the matter up again, go read it.

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