Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Future, November 14, 2022

Transcendental Variety:

CBS today announced the cancellation of the latest version of its venerable CSI series in a move that may reflect, after nearly a quarter-century, the program may have finally run out of steam.

CSI: Lancaster, Pa. may have been doomed from the first when it was announced by the network that having run out of Who songs, the rural based medical who-dunnit was going to use a song from a Roger Daltrey solo album as its theme.

Additionally, characters such as "Josiah Morgan" as played by veteran character actor James Vanderbeek, and "Hortense Bartleby" as played by Britney Spears did not seem to click with viewers the way most of the prior casts had in recent predecessors CSI: Newark, CSI: Fargo, and CSI:Ulan Bator.

Veteran halovision critics had also suggested that the show's plot lines involving death by "violation of the humours", "barn-raising strain", and "poor button management" also did not connect with today's more sophisticated viewers.

Though this is the first actual cancellation of a CSI series, it was not the first stumble for the franchise. Last year plans for CSI: 60 Minutes had to be scrapped when the cast continually refused to die, again.

In the short-term, the network plans to fill the void in its prime-time schedule by repeat showings of Joan of Sault Ste. Marie.

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