Wednesday, September 29, 2004

From the Alan Dulles' Playbook

I saw this story on someone else's blog the other day and didn't do my own version here. I was busy looking for a jpg of "Batboy" and you know those are really hard to find.

However, the United States reached into the "Cloak & Dagger for Dummies" guide for this one.

Time Magazine says the Bush administration planned to use the CIA to funnel money under the table to candidates it favored in the forthcoming thing they are going to claim as Iraqi elections. Their excuse that Iran was funding its own candidates.

So the Iranians are the new black "Reds"?

Good thing they had no plans to play on the stereotypes the islamic world has of the United States huh?

Of course, the GOP uses money to buy elections here too...they have 5 Justices do their dirty work so it looks all nice and legit.

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