Saturday, September 25, 2004

Self-Immolation, How to Lose a GOP Seat

If you are going to be a guy who says he wants to end all abortion and nod at the idea of executing physicians who perform abortions then it probably will not endear you to your supporters if you are a hypocrite.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tom Coburn, hypocrite.

On the death penalty, he said: "I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life."

Now, of course, I am pro-choice so I think that is just nutty, the hypocrisy comes in when he admits that he has performed the procedure twice.

And there is more hypocrisy from Mr. "Pro-Life" that I would imagine the GOP pro-life base will not like much. From the New York Times:

Dr. Tom Coburn, a physician and Republican Senate candidate who is facing accusations that he sterilized a young woman without her permission 14 years ago, now says he performed similar procedures on "lots" of under-age women at their request.

Wah? You are against abortions period, but it's okay for you to steralize a minor, once without authorization and "plenty" of times when you let a minor make that decision by themselves?


Dig this explanation right out of the "brain-stem logic" handbook:

He replied: "I've done this lots to women who have come in with emergency things who have asked me to sterilize them, under-age. When they've already had three babies."

I cannot imagine the GOP holding this seat, which is a shocker in Oklahoma. Granted Brad Carson is not my ideological cup of tea, but he's no Zell Miller either.

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