Monday, September 20, 2004

Dear Lincoln Chaffee and other GOP Moderates

In a way I appreciate statements like this:

Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee said Monday he plans to support his party in November but may write in a candidate instead of voting for President Bush.


Chafee has opposed the administration's push to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and has criticized Bush's handling of the postwar reconstruction of Iraq. He was the only Republican senator to vote against the October 2002 resolution that gave Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

The Republican said the party's direction in the future will determine his political career as well. He said he's ``not OK'' with the conservative platform from the Republican convention, but would not say if he'd consider switching parties in his next election in 2006.

``It wasn't that long ago that moderates had more of a voice,'' Chafee said. ``It's a cycle that I hope will come back.''

Chafee undoubtedly speaks for what folks like Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and hell maybe even Hegel and McCain quietly think.

"Bush is a stooge, and too many of his supporters are even scarier."

But if Republican moderates want to have more of a voice in the GOP, it is time they stop the cycle of co-dependancy. Tell the GOP to go "fuck themselves" for an election cycle and see how they do.

They'll quickly find out that they need you badly.

As it is now, GOP moderates you are just a victim of stockholm syndrome.

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