Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry Wins Debate

Ok, before the nutwing, pundits, so-called security moms, and paid talking heads tell you that Bush did well tonight. Let me be crystal clear about the result: He did not. I watched the debate on C-span while chatting with the witty Attaturk and Bush seemed distracted, nervous and ill prepared. C-Span was a fortunate choice because apparently it was one of the few channels that split the screen so that you could watch both candidates.

On one hand, Kerry was calm, well organized, and never seemed for a loss of words. He was clear and focused. Bush, on the other hand, was often unsure of his words and his self. Kerry's direct substantive comments were on target and easily dealt with Bush's blunt presentation. Kerry won the debate on a visual and substantive level.

So, forget the punditocy... Kerry was masterful. Let's hope that thinking will now actually win this election.

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