Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Coming Soon Second Lead in La Cage aux Folles

Via TBogg, what could be better than a party at Kate O'Beirne's house?

(a) Watching Ron Jeremy get a bikini wax
(b) Listening to Pat Boone sing Heavy Metal
(c) An Icepick to the Brain (Trotsky Only)
(d) A Festering Venereal Disease
(e) Playing Scrabble with George W. Bush
(f) Your American Ass Spending the day in Sadr City
(g) A Steaming Cup of Sulphuric Acid
(h) Having your nipples test out how a Diehard Battery is working

So many choices,

But surely the party was made better by John Derbyshire's musical reenactment of that day he spent at a Castro District Bathhouse getting a massage with full release, documented here.

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