Thursday, September 23, 2004

Love Him, or He'll Put a Cap in Yo' Ass

Ayad Soprano is in 'murica spreading his love.

Allawi, embarking on a two-day, whirlwind trip through Washington, was making a high-stakes appearance with Bush on Thursday, where the two leaders were to assert from the White House Rose Garden that progress is being made and the future is bright in Iraq.

Allawi also was to address a joint meeting of Congress.

Allawi's visit comes as troop casualties and civilian kidnappings in Iraq have increased, large parts of the country have come under the control of insurgents and doubts have surfaced at the United Nations (news - web sites) that democratic elections can be held in January as planned...

Some people just refuse to drink the kool-aid. Those people are rational and logical and downright un-'murican.

Anthony Cordesman, a military analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, suggested that the administration should spend less time staging an attractive photo opportunity and more adopting a realistic view of the challenges ahead.

"As Prime Minister Allawi comes here, we need real accomplishments and real progress and honest measures of capability, not sound bites of rhetoric which are not substantiated by the figures being issued in detail by the United States government," he said.

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