Tuesday, September 28, 2004

You cannot give Karl Rove an easier gripe than this...

American expatriates are un-American!

From CBS News:

Andrea Marsh spent part of her summer on the streets of Paris shopping for Americans.

Specifically, she's looking for Americans who might be persuaded to vote. As CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports, this year it is not a tough sell.

All around the world both Republicans and Democrats who have mobilized to register Americans living abroad say they are overwhelmed.

"We are swamped this time," says Louise Meyers of Democrats Abroad. "Everybody wants to vote. People who haven't voted in 30 and 40 years are coming to vote."

From a crowded registration table in Paris, to an outdoor cafe in Korea, to a senior citizen center in Israel and a packed political meeting in London, all signs indicate that an explosion of new voters. Overseas Americans could add millions of votes to this year's tally. One American in Paris, Frank DiBona, who hasn't voted in 30 years, explains why now.

"Two words, George Bush," says DiBona.

President Bush's handling of the war on terror is the issue overseas and the reason behind all this newfound energy. For the president that's both good and bad.

At a pro-Kerry rally in London, most voters blame Mr. Bush for making America mistrusted and disliked.

"As an American living overseas, for the first time this year I've been subject to real anti-American feeling, and it's been very vocal and very disturbing," says Linda Butler, a voter in London.

But travel to Israel and many Americans here admire how the President projects strength.

"Bush recognizes the danger that is facing the United States and is doing a great deal to face that danger," says Naomi Leitner, a voter living in Israel.

Typically, Americans overseas don't bother to vote. But this election is about America's standing in the world. This time, it's about where they live.

So the folks the Republicans can get are from those who support the Sharon method of dealing with violence by creating more of it?

That figures.

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