Monday, September 27, 2004

Keyes Watch: He's not disappointing me

I've posted more posts than he is worth, but I am an unabashed cheerleader for Alan Keyes obtaining the worst performance for a major party candidate contesting an open seat in Illinois history.

I actually do not even know what that record is, but I am confident Alan will smash that record.

He has been plugging away to crack below that 20% barrier. Meeting my wildest hopes he seems to be doing so.

The Tribune/WGN-TV poll published Sunday found that 68 percent of likely voters favored Obama for senator and 17 percent supported Keyes. Last month, a Tribune/WGN-TV poll showed the gap was 65-24.

UPDATE, 10:37 a.m. EST

Several blogs have alluded to something involving the Keyes' family that makes his insane rantings about Cheney's daughter Mary look even more odious. If you're here, you've likely already read them.

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