Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's just a coincidence I'm sure

That Alan Keyes is down nearly nearly 50% in opinion polls and this...

Political polls are "phony" and should not just be disregarded, but banned, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes argued Monday.

"They (polls) are manipulative and degrading and damaging to our political system, and they should not be allowed when it comes to the actual time frame in which people are making up their minds," Keyes said during a meeting with The Pantagraph's editorial board.

His comments came in response to questions about a Pantagraph/St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll published Monday showing him trailing Democrat Barack Obama 68 percent to 23 percent.

Still battling to get himself down to the teens, this strategem strikes of desperation from Mr. Keyes to accomplish that task. I am confident that as Keyes becomes more familiar to Illinois residents he can get that sucker down to 18% or so by election day.

In a way I agree with him, as polls are talked about way too much and encourage incredibly sloppy and lazy journalism. The story is far too often about the horse-race than about the issues involved. However, that pesky First Amendment gets in the way.

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