Wednesday, September 29, 2004

News media to Moore: We don't need your stinkin' Commercials!

Rant warning!

The L.A. Weekly has learned that CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising during any of the networks’ news programming.

Apparently only Fox "news" is considering airing the commerical -- ok, I am kidding. Fox "news" is not considering but... I had you going there for a minute, right? Come on maybe a little.

The so-called big three news media want to avoid any kind of supposed reporting, bias, spin, truth, or thought during their news. Infotainment makes for such better ad rates!

Far better to distract a growing angry public with news stories about how Bush is getting fantastically large crowds to turn out for his "talks" in richville, Ohio. Nevermind the disturbing truth that the reason for the record setting turnouts are that area schools closed and public busing was used to bring thousands of school children to Bush's outdoor rallies.

Also nevermind that Bush is only speaking in suburban areas where people sign support agreements rather than in non-stage managed event in the downtowns of true middle American rust belt cities such as Toledo or Akron.

In a further consolidation of network news media efforts to help Bush and Rove with the "re-" election effort, a crackdown on "offensive" commercials is underway. Several Ohio television stations have refused to run DNC commercials because of a "lack of airtime."

So, in battle ground states, the news media could present a diversity of opinion, especially unpopular ideas that might captivate and anger an increasingly alienated electorate who tire of the reactionary and neo-conservative agenda. Airing commercials about F9-11 would be a good step in that direction. But, hey that would require thinking or conscience or even giving a fuck.

And that is not gonna happen any time soon. At least, not until the networks help their pal Georgy get elected.

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