Wednesday, September 29, 2004

If I may biatch!

Not that Attaturk believes Rising Hegemon should be on any of these lists. We have a nice little thing going and that's good enough (plus I feel like I whine, seriously or comically, enough). So I certainly did not belong on any of these nominations. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut,

Look at the Washington Post nominees for "Class Clown", humourous blogs:

Jesus' General

Congrats to the General, he belongs there. But Wonkette? C'mon, hasn't Anna Marie gotten her red-headed, sex-obsessed mug enough publicity?

I imagine I could make a pretty good run too if I turned this blog over to writing about penis-length and interviewing congressional prostitutes. Well, that and if I was a red-head with a nice rack.

Oliver Willis does the same thing as Wonkette, with fewer penis jokes, and more policy substance. And his Redskin prognostications are turning out to be damn funny (not his intent but still). And is he nominated?

No, obviously the "man" is behind this!

Scrabble-face and Fafblog are tolerable, actually that's unfair, they are excellent blogs.

But, no Tbogg?


And, best rants?

Best Rant

Daily Kos
National Review - The Corner

You know, Atrios belongs a lot of places and deserves many a nomination, but I've always considered rants a place where your write a nice, lengthy, shrill post. That doesn't really seem to be his thing. Nor, is it Kos's in particular, but there are diarists there that work up a good froth.

The Corner? K-Lo's insufferable book pushing and social ineptitude is not a rant, it's a short, succinct cry for help!

Billmon, um, well golly. At least he wasn't nominated in the "most likely to last beyond election day" category.

As pathetic as he is, Lileks actually belongs here. Actually, he belongs in a rubber room, but he is certainly a ranter.

Did people forget all about Digby, or Steve Gilliard?

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