Saturday, September 25, 2004

Wow, even his own Endorsed Military Strongman won't Support the Chimp

In a rational world, of course, swift boat liars, Killian memos, and Britney Spears would be ignored as frauds, some more ignominious than others (I'll let you rank 'em).

But of course, we live in CORPORATE MEDIA WORLD where the preservation of the status quo reigns supreme over questions that make us all uncomfortable. We take more heart in the thought that we are firing missiles at bad guys, than we are firing missiles at locales comprised of 9/10ths civilians, who though they may not appreciate that other tenth would certainly prefer not to die and stuff.

Why cannot they be willing to die for another country's noble cause?

Don't they love 'murica enough? I mean if they die and stuff, I'm sure Chris Hitchens will hoist a Johnnie Walker Black Label in their memories right?

Meanwhile, Preznit catastrophic Success is having his client-states question the soundness of his lack of reasoning:

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said the US-led invasion of Iraq made the world a more dangerous place.

Though an ally of the United States, Musharraf on Friday described the invasion as a mistake and said it had complicated the "war on terror".

"It has ended up bringing more trouble to the world," Musharraf said in a television interview.

"The world is more dangerous because the Iraq war has aroused the passions of the Muslims more," he added.

"The war in Iraq has complicated the war on terror ... it has made the job more difficult."

Now, we know that if he had any interest in the opinion of others Bush would probably be bothered by this, yet find a way to ignore it.

Unfortunately, also ignoring it will be...

Disney Corp. (ABC)
General Electric (NBC)
News Corp. (Fox)
Viacom (CBS)
Time-Warner (CNN)

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