Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As if Tom Shales needed a reason to be hungry

Jonathan Chait:

What explains the ubiquity of the bland and notably un-incisive [Harold] Ford? Part of it may be his preternatural ability to meld himself into the prevailing sentiment of whatever milieu in which he finds himself. But primarily I believe Meet the Press always invites Ford for the same reason there are so many Olive Gardens -- you always know exactly what you're going to get

Enjoy your endlessly tossed salad.


sarrants said...

Harold Ford is not a Democrat.
Harold Ford is an Opportunist.

Anonymous said...

I'll have my salad straight, no dressing.
but, It's been in the fridge over a week, and is more than slightly brown and limp
no matter. so is everyone on this show. vox

omen said...

olive garden food is too oily. is this chait's way of saying harold ford is unctuous?