Friday, October 29, 2010

High pitched sound of crackpots sticking together

Sarah Palin made talked like a dolphin, only in a less decipherable language, in sticking with her fellow Alaskan grifter.

Palin, who gave Miller a peck on the cheek after introducing him, was lending her star-power to a candidate who's seeking to overcome a series of campaign bumps. In recent weeks, Miller has acknowledged his family received some of the types of government payments he now questions as a limited-government candidate. This week, records released under court order, after news organizations filed suit, showed Miller had admitted to lying about improperly using government computers for political purposes while a borough attorney in 2008.

Miller is apparently about to finish third, like Palin his popularity is dropping like a stone in their home states.

Apparently far less than 400 people attended this rally...although it could be that there aren't that many people in Alaska that can hear pitches higher than 90 decibels.

How sad.


pansypoo said...

the home crowd knows her best.

Anonymous said...

Alas, a prophet is without honor in his own home, specially if he has confessed to criminal charges its proven he was the perp. So? Crucify him, or if there are no crosses availabe, vote for his opposition
vox, vexed

omen said...

startling when scott mcadams pointed out that obama is more
popular in alaska than sarah palin.

(neener, neener)

omen said...

i couldn't find numbers for the size of the crowd when she dropped in on phoenix. looked like just a smattering.

Tommy T said...

Um - "higher" is Hz, not Db.

I reckon that dog whistles start around 20KHz. This may be the only instance in recorded history where you GAIN high-frequency acuity as you get older.