Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shorter Rich Iott

"The Waffen SS, who are we to judge?*"

*especially you Jews out there!


Montag said...

Uh, Rich, we don't have to judge them, because the Nuremberg Trials already took care of that....

Shorter Republican Nazi Dimwit: "Iott to have kept my mouth shut."

jimmiraybob said...

So, he, AKA Reinhard Pferdmann, actually came out and showed his sympathies.

Yes, what gives us the right to judge the murdering Nazi SS bastards? Maybe it's our pea-picken lil ole consciences and a regard for human life.

What a pathetic fucking dolt.

Tea Party on mine Fuhrer fluffer friend.

Speaking of der Fuhrer. I see that AKA Reinhard Pferdmann is also listed as a Roman Catholic (wiki). I'd start canvassing neighborhood children.

pansypoo said...

just being a good german.

Anonymous said...

no, good ole boy amerikaner doing what's right and setting the tempo of the gotterdammerang!