Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For those, like the donor, with "Fra-gil-e" egos

In the most ridiculous campaign ploy this year (and that's saying something) for $5,000 Newt Gingrich will give physicians "a prestigious reward!"*

(pic from here)

*That's quite a title for a reach-around.


Athenawise said...

This is a joke, right? Somebody's pulling ol' Newt's leg, yes? Hence, the leg lamp.

[Your reference to A Christmas Story made my day, Atta. It's coming up on the season for me to watch it at least five times.]

Montag said...

This is just another of Newticles' scams to keep himself in pocket change. Even if he gets just a hundred rabid right-wing doctors to bite, he grosses half a million for the night.

But, hey, if someone wants to pay five grand to listen to ol' Newticles drone on all night as he reads the election returns out loud, fine by me. Some people think having a wisdom tooth pulled is entertainment, too.

DanF said...

How much do I have to pay for him to shoot his eye out?

jimmiraybob said...

"Now boys, just drop the trou, bend over, and think USA, USA, USA.

"And leave the envelope on the nightstand on your way out."

pansypoo said...

newt needs another prostate exam.

Anonymous said...

Newt knows Hes THE ONE who, after the R's sweep Congress, gridlock govt, then announce Obama can't continue as president due to his inability to govern will putsch O from the presidency and retake the white house with the blessings of the duly elected guardians of freedom.
what a goddamned plan.