Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now I Got this Lawyer Acquaintance Downtown ...

... who sent the following after reading about the Teabagger and Supreme Court spouse Ginni Thomas.

Did you see this item?

Is this woman insane? Do you think she's secretly trying to undermine her husband? How does this stunt help him? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Thomas found out!

But more seriously, why isn't Congress investigating the relationship between Mrs. Thomas's foundation's funding and litigants before the Court? Didn't Thomas vote to allow unlimited spending by and secret funding of political organizations? Why isn't he being impeached?

Well, with regard to my acquaintance's questions:
  1. Insane? Possibly. (Stupid? Probably. Clueless. Absolutely.)
  2. If you were married to a man so bitter and childish, wouldn't you try to undermine him?
  3. It doesn't. It makes him look bitter and childish all over again. (Just as an aside, is there anything more exhausting than people who are bitter? Christ, they bore me, too.)
  4. Because Congressional Democrats are afraid of their own shadows. The Republicans will be mean to them if they investigate!
  5. Why, yes. He did. He certainly did.
  6. See answer to No. 5. Adding that impeachment is off the table because the country already knows that the Court is compromised at best and corrupt at worst. We've accepted that our institutions, from the Court to Wall Street to the media, are broken.


NonyNony said...

How can it possibly undermine him? I don't get it. The man is a Justice of the Supreme Court. He can have that job as long as he wants - and he's not going anywhere. He knows he's not going to ever make Chief Justice (if it were gonna happen, it would have happened under Bush). It may make him look like an ass but, and this is important, it only makes him look like an ass to people he doesn't care about. Have you seen the right-wing leap to Ginni Thomas's defense? (My favorite was some wingnut or other who claims that Prof. Hill was abusing the security apparatus by calling Campus Security to report a crank making a vaguely threatening message on her voice mail.)

If we're discussing impeachment as a possibility - my understanding is that realistically it has to rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors" to take out an SC Justice. And, given that I came to political maturity in the 90s, that means that Thomas would have to be found receiving hummers from an intern. Oh, and he'd also have to be a Democrat. Anything less than 'receiving a blowjob while being a Democrat' is such a paltry crime that it doesn't rise to the level of impeachable offense.

So I don't see how this changes anything. The people Thomas cares about will continue to blame Anita Hill for anything he and his wife might do to her. And the people who might have their opinion of Clarence Thomas lowered because of this action by his wife fit the definition of "people Clarence and Ginni Thomas don't care about".

JDM said...

She did it to generate buzz for his POS "book." Always follow the money. Christ, they're goddam fucking pigs.

Anonymous said...

Ms Thomas just gave the media another diversion to give the haters another black socialist obamination to hate.
it is orchestrated hate, to undermine the change and hope concept with fear and loathing and set up Obama for a rougher ride than Clinton...they will say he can't do anything he's so inept, we must remove him and his ilk from office..just you wait
vox, waiting with rocks in the street...

Montag said...

And, the simplest explanation (thank you, William of Occam) is that she was drunk, and because she's been just as bitter and obsessed about Anita Hill as her husband, being drunk was a great reason to call Hill up at 7:30 in the morning to demand an apology for something that happened twenty years ago.

Maybe she's a perfect match for her husband.

pansypoo said...

red herring. what teabagging?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the "conflict of interest" issues will be ignored or glossed over by the MSM in favor of the more juicy, gossip-worthy bits.

The conflicts stuff's about making money. The MSM respects that.