Friday, October 15, 2010

Who do you think you are, Grover Cleveland?

People "always" respect a leader who says his hands are all tied..., real changey:

During a town hall meeting Thursday, Obama said he was obliged to enforce and defend “don’t ask” because it became the law 17 years ago.

“Congress explicitly passed a law that took away the power of the executive branch to end this policy unilaterally,” Obama said in response to a question about why he had not lifted the ban. "So, this is not a situation in which, with a stroke of a pen, I can simply end the policy.”

Of course in this case, you need not even use a pen, you can just sit there.

But no, it's going to be "this unconstitutional, discriminatory law sucks -- how dare a judge declare it so, I guess I'll have to appeal to preserve it."

But at least we found some Republicans the President is willing to fight:

For six years, Justice Department lawyers have pushed back against a challenge to the law brought by the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay GOP group.

Mr. President, this refusal to grasp "change" when it is laid before you on a silver platter...

It's not a bug, it's a"lifestyle choice".


Montag said...

Hmm. If I recall correctly, the court has already overturned the law. Therefore, Obama need do nothing to end a practice with which he claims to disagree.

This insistence that Congress act is simply another instance of political cowardice.

And, it's interesting that the Prez, the Constitutional scholar, sweeps aside Marbury v. Madison as immaterial....

StonyPillow said...

Shorter Obama: “I would prefer not to.”

JDM said...

The Way Of The Ford/Harvard Warrior.


DrDick said...

Obama had his Truman moment and failed miserably. Not only has he failed to do the right thing and force the military to integrate, he is also passing the buck. An absolute failure as president.

Anonymous said...

some times he is so bipartizan that you'd think the Right would come over an see the light.
could it be Obama has genuine qualms about the whole issue? There are some of us quite uncomfortable with letting gay folks be so open. Photos of men kissing at their weddings repels me in a visceral way. I can accept it as a way of life and not want to hurt others, but still..

Anonymous said...

it would be better if coungress did it. roe vs wade anyone?

zuzu said...

There are some of us quite uncomfortable with letting gay folks be so open.


Why should other people's civil rights be dependent on whether or not you feel icky about them being all gay at you?

omen said...

normally i would feel presumptuous in stating the apparent, but sometimes a thing needs to be said out loud in order to clear up misapprehensions. let me assure you: guys, you will not be sodomized if gay marriage becomes legal. you will not get raped if DADT gets repealed. the barbarians will not storm the gates if gays win their civil rights.

a slight discomfort due to unfamiliarity is a small price to pay for the sake of a child growing up in a culture where he is made to feel like he's less than human. righting this wrong and correcting these injustices will go a long way in affirming a gay child's self worth.