Saturday, October 23, 2010

Way to Go, John McCain.

Even Nicolle Wallace didn't vote for you and Snowflake Snooki.

On Election Day, Mrs. Wallace didn’t even vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

“I didn’t, I didn’t,” she said slowly. She never received her absentee ballot — “and I was fine with that,” she admitted.

Update: Oh damn, please do not make me like you, Nicolle Wallace.


JDM said...

WTF is Wallace that we should give a fat rat's ass about her "novel"? What up next, a reissue of Irv Libby's "book" about bear fucking?

pansypoo said...

yes. how did she matter in 2008?

Culture of TrÜth said...

I'm beginning to question John McCain's judgment.

Anonymous said...


Best line in the article is:

“I don’t know that the press will always be so interconnected and incestuously connected to the person they cover.”

And then, just two paragraphs before the end of the interview this:

"On her way down to Washington, her friend Dana Bash, the CNN correspondent, sent a message to her BlackBerry asking if she would be taking the train or flying down."

Sweet Jesus on Toast Points.