Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is there still time for Oprah to save him?

Yeah, Charlie Sheen, now determined to totally outdo Michael Richards.

Maybe he can be confined to secluded house arrest with Andrew Anchorage, along with the Palin family, Carrot Top and the guy who invented Auto-Tune for the crime of being annoying against humanity?

Would that be fair, maybe not (it wouldn't necessarily be unfair though), would it make everyone's life marginally better you bet.


pansypoo said...

fame is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Sheen seems to have lost it to insanity. Would a sanity rally have helped?

omen said...

i want kramer back too. can't these people be sent through some sort of race rehab or something? so that they can be stamped "approved" for civilized society. one verbal slip shouldn't blackball you for life.

multiple offenders can be made to live with the group of people they've offended for an alloted period of time. do they have desensitization therapy for racists/bigots?