Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sarah Palin sure can pick 'em

Her anointed in Alaska Joe Miller is definitely a guy who uses "The Lord" as a reason to violate the Commandments:

I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did.

He also lied about why his improper internet browsing caused people's monitors to stick together.

These are from documents of his time as a city attorney that he didn't want the public to know about (can we blame Wikileaks for this too?)

Tbogg has more -- and totally without any sarcasm (that is inappropriate).


StonyPillow said...

what's happening with my demise
The bagger isn't having any fun running for Senator anymore, either. I eagerly await the top secret military disability information to make the bar-b-que complete.

Anonymous said...

Miller my son, you have sinned, and you must leave this confessional and go forth and do a penance
shoot yourself in both feet and run no more

pansypoo said...

just because they 'revere' the 10 commandments doesn't mean they KNOW the 10 commandments.