Sunday, October 17, 2010

But, of course

"My assertion that all terrorists are Muslims my not be factual, but in spite of this I know it to be true."

-- Brian Kilmeade, Terrorist on behalf of Truthiness


StonyPillow said...

The very essence of News Corpse, distilled lovingly to one sentence.

Anonymous said...

never mind the jackal and various irish/brittish. and mcveigh.

there. didn't take that long to disprove his lying ass.

jimmiraybob said...

Like some people eat yogurt to replenish the flora and fauna of their intestinal tracts, Faux news viewers tune in to seek out myths and jumbled thoughts to nourish the Truths™ held in the deepest recesses of their guts.

Anonymous said...

jimmiraybob, you make it sound like Fox viewers lose their truths at least once a day, if they are regular.

libhom said...

Kilmeade is trying to out nutty Glenn Beck.