Monday, October 18, 2010

Disclosure is only for Democrats


Candy Crowley challenged Gary Bauer, a board member of the neoconservative Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), to reveal the names of the donors funding ECI’s attack ads in Pennsylvania against Democrat senate candidate Joe Sestak. Bauer refused (“of course not!”), and then explained that his pro-Israel donors might face harassment if their names were known


Expat said...

A good place to start cleaning house of these vermin is all those in Congress supporting the suppression of the Goldstone report of the attack on Gaza who were not registered at the time as agents of a foreign country, be taken to a convenient wall and summarily shot for treason.

Extend the foreign agent act to include everyone who contributes funds to any lobby working for the benefit of a foreign nation, those supporters too, if not registered as agents of a foreign country at the time of contribution, be incarcerated for life and their belongings sequestered. A fifth-column is against the interests of the Republic and must be controlled rigorously.

Come to conclusion that this clears out almost all of Congress as well as the neo-con lobby. Not necessarily a bad thing.

pansypoo said...

helen thomas has come out swinging too.