Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yeah, quite the "liberal"

It all comes out -- and since he's on FoxNews now, nobody else will care:

Of course, I've disliked Williams since long before Fox News even existed. No one seems to remember (and no one would probably have remembered this week if not for the fortuitous timing of that famous Teabagger, Mrs. Clarence Thomas, calling Anita Hill for an apology) that Juan Williams is a sexist moron.

Back during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, Williams, thought of as a "liberal" wrote scathing columns against Anita Hill, saying her story was full of holes. What he didn't say was that he was sympathizing with Thomas because at the time he was being accused of sexual harassment by 50 (you read that right, that's why I put it in bold) Post employees and was disciplined, though it amounted to a slap on the wrist, considering the numbers involved.


pansypoo said...

yeah, i have vague memories of that. hence WAAAAAAAAAAN.
he and o'really? probably get along great.

Anonymous said...

James Wolcott beautifully sliced and diced Uncle TomJuan on his blog as "the two million dollar martyr."
vox the vexed

DanF said...

The Wolcott piece was nice. Thanks Vox.

omen said...

this is going to sound like school marmish, but i don't care. it shouldn't matter if you like someone before affording them fair treatment. if juan was fired for sexual harassment, i would celebrate. but that's not what happened here. i can't very well object to helen thomas being unfairly pushed out but applaud when it happens to someone i don't like. the principle of the thing transcends personalities. fair is fair.