Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Orange Glow of a well-orchestrated 'Aktion'

When we last left Rich Iott, Republican candidate for Ohio's 9th District, he was trying to capture the district from Polish-American Marcy Kaptur on the weekdays and occupy Poland on the weekends.

This even creeped-out House Republican Whip Eric Cantor. And that was while Cantor was attending a donkey-show*.

One assumed that after pretending to sack and pillage Minsk, Mr. Iott was done receiving the help of prominent elected Republicans.

But one would be wrong, just like Stalin!

Get ready Toledo, because John Boehner is coming to town to join Rich Iott in re-enacting Reagan's visit to Bitburg.

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*May not be true, but close enough for FoxNews.


StonyPillow said...

Iott, Cantor and Boehner will all vote as they're told. No difference whatsoever.

pansypoo said...

hitler has done good things for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

In league with the devil hisself, these teapartiers. Heil, Koch. Heil Murdock. Heil heil, the gang's all there, some are in their graves, some are inohio.

omen said...

maybe someday after i'm dead and gone, a party will rise up from the ashes that knows how to punch back.

Anonymous said...

The Boehner appearance at the Iott rally is no longer listed on Iott's web site.

It was there yesterday, but then disappeared.

Does this mean Boehner is not coming to Toledo to support Iott?

Does this mean Boehner no longer share's Weltanschauung?

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Boehner no longer shares Iott's Weltanschauung?

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

they're working on other things, called scheduling conflicts. the republican candidate for governor of Kansas, /SAM BROWNSHIRT/
hasn't needed to debate, as he is being anointed with holy oils by the mainstream press & church and is busy planning a well spinned pardon for George Tiller's murderer
vexed vox