Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good for Judge Phillips

John McCain can't yell at clouds, er, fillibuster an unstayed injunction.

U.S district judge Virginia A. Phillips issued a tentative ruling Monday rejecting the government’s request for a stay in the injunction against “don’t ask, don’t tell" but will issue a formal ruling by late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

During the 25-minute hearing, Phillips wasted no time in rejecting the government's arguments that barring dadt immediately would be an undue burden on the military and called the justice department's declarations to the court both vague and insufficient.


Montag said...

Been a whole lot of "vague and insufficient" from the DOJ in the last decade or so.

Good fer her.

pansypoo said...

sounds like the DOJ REALLY tried hard.

Anonymous said...

And why did 50 Attorney Generals have to band together to get the mortgage scandal under scrutiny?
Should the Administrtion AG Eric Holder have picked up the ball on this?
Or is it a Republican ploy to focus on fabricated ineptitude as another excuse to bring down Obama?
vexed vox